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Who do you hope the Falcons hire as defensive coordinator?

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I'm kind of liking this Sean Desai. I know we're taking some of the Bears offensive coaches. Let's take one of their defensive coaches. He was with Vic Fangio for 4 years, the same as Brandon Staley.

A young up and comer that has survived multiple coaching changes same as our new HC. Let's roll the die on the next big thing instead of a retread.


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Smith was the brains behind one of the most successful offenses in the NFL the past few seasons. If he doesn't lean toward someone he's worked with previously, like Dean Pees, I'd expect him to try to have an approach similar to what Quinn had when he hired Shanny to be his OC... get one of the coaches that constantly made him struggle.

If that's the case, I'd expect him to look to someone who's been on the Colts defensive staff the past few years, since they have almost always been able to keep Smith's offense in check.

So with that in mind, those rumors about Colts DB coach Jonathan Gannon make a whole heck of a lot of sense... especially as co-coordinator with Pees.

Colts LB coach Dave Borgonzi might be worth kicking the tires on as well.

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