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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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1 hour ago, GEORGIAfan said:

This type of mentality is gonna lead to Dems getting beat in 2022 and 2024 while having the pikachu meme face. They are the challengers. Elections are a referendum on the party in power. Being Anti-Trump worked in 2020, but it won't in 2022 or 2024. You need to run on your own accomplishments, which so far isn't looking impressive. 

That's your opinion and I respect you for having it. The party in power isn't the one that sat on its *** and let half a million (and counting) Americans die from a disease that common sense and an ounce of leadership could have mitigated. Forget the fact that that typical logic never was applied to a failed president running after he'd been voted out of office. It's not a matter of being anti-Trump, it's a matter of survival for too many. And to suggest that five weeks is time to gauge any "accomplishments" is presumptive. 

The problem with whoever runs in 2024 is going to be the fact that the economy will likely be better and every time a Democrat bails out the American economy, *Americans* turn to Republicans because they're "better at handling" it. That's not the real reason, but it's the one they float.

And again, there's no way Ron DiSantis, Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley run and win as pro-Trump "conservatives". Trump got away with it because like him or hate him, he's charismatic AF. There's more charm in a spoiled chum bucket than you'll find in every soul who attended CPAC this weekend.

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1 minute ago, Sponge said:

I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Cuomo had some sexual allegations leveled at him too. They both act the same like their **** don't stink.

That's probably unfair



But anybody who posts videos of themselves doing chin ups at work is sus 👀

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