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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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I've been thinking about the conversation earlier and why it bugged me. It was suggested that folks could be accusing someone of both siding the argument. 

There's no both siding an argument when one side has no power, has been clearly losing for several decades, and much like anything the timing of the discussion was just insane to me, while the other side has been influencing American politics for several decades 


Twice now during less than two decades of adulthood during deep recessions I've watched the rich make out like bandits while the working class suffered. So "Slow feet don't eat" and "these **** kids just don't work as hard" just rubs me wrong.




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We could go into the season with that and not have to have a typical Dimitroff type offseason where we only sign guys that we'll inevitably be looking to get rid of in a year or two. It cut off some of it but my pff mocks got so long that the board wouldn't let me post the whole thing.
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  • ATL
    Samuel Cosmi
    OT Texas
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  • ATL
    Tyson Campbell
    CB Georgia
  • ATL
    Alim McNeill
    DT North Carolina State
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  • ATL
    Creed Humphrey
    OC Oklahoma
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  • ATL
    Hamsah Nasirildeen
    S Florida State
  • ATL
    Jevon Holland
    S Oregon
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  • ATL
    Rashad Weaver
    EDGE Pitt
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Best Buy lays off 5,000 workers as it shifts focus to online sales

The pandemic has accelerated Best Buy's transition to selling online.


But that doesn't seem to be the situation at Best Buy, which has weathered the pandemic fairly well. In the last quarter, same-store sales at Best Buy's brick and mortar stores were up 12 percent compared to a year earlier. Meanwhile, online sales were up an impressive 89 percent.


Even companies that thrived in the pandemic are laying off workers.  Like Corn Pop said, the pandemic is going to accelerate the shift away from brick and mortar retail. 

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