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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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5 minutes ago, AF89 said:

Tapper has no time for peoples bullchit anymore :lol:



Tbf they're both responding to someone who has obviously sustained acute brain damage from posting too much. Granted, that describes a lot of people, but it's a pretty specific subset of people whose brains have all been afflicted in a similar way. If she had said that to him on television, it would have been a major embarrassment for her that would probably follow her around for years. She'd be the crazy broad that called Jake Tapper a Russian asset for criticizing Biden's lack of condemnation for MBS.

My point bein, this is not a group of people who know how to capture the zeitgeist. It might be "an alarming number of people,", but it's pretty much the exact same goobers that people learned to ignore during Russiagate, and they'll remain mostly ignored, because they're insufferable to most people in ways they can't see or do anything about.

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48 minutes ago, RandomFan said:

GOP voters in a nutshell



21 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:



22 hours ago, Big_Dog said:

Making fun of old people shows ignorance. Plus your comparing apples to oranges. I wasn't making fun just making a statement.

The targeted missile sites we hit were responsible for targeting our embasy and a military base. One American was killed in that attack. Go Biden, do what needs to be done.


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