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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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3 hours ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


Musk doesn't bother me. He is exactly who he probably should be. A petulant child who has never known consequences. 

The fact large swaths of our society holds up a trust fund baby as a Bastian of knowledge and leadership is what bugs me. 

We really are just the dumbest people. 

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4 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

Nah....being married doesn't keep creepy men from being horny for pretty women.


Incels resent women being the "property" of a another

Granted thier also fascinated and titillated by it 

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10 hours ago, Serge said:

Oh yeah that'll show 'em. Democrats are ******* stupid, they outta listen to this guy.

J.D. Vance, who will represent Ohio in the Senate next year, ran a campaign ad that said Democrats were letting criminals come over the border to vote for them. Also blamed Mexicans for his mother's drug abuse. All of the Republican candidates charged headlong to the bottom by telling viewers they weren't racist before immediately launching into the most racist promises made since George Wallace.

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5 minutes ago, AF89 said:

I found a 12 pack of Flaming Hot Mt Dew at Kroger and bought on whim


Im either about to **** blood or build a cocoon from which i will metamorphosis into Guy Fieri

I'm just picturing you doing the intro to Triple D with some AFMB references mixed in. 

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