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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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6 minutes ago, lostone said:

@Mr. Hoopah! who did you piss off to just keep downvoting you.


Peaked in TAFT and some boomer was upset kids are cocky

@thofin21 is an angry older BlueAnon guy. Doesn't really contribute anymore, just shows up and downvotes my posts.

Hey @thofin21, they indict Trump and his kids yet?

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39 minutes ago, GEORGIAfan said:

TSLA Stock has been cratering the past few days.  I don't think Elon can afford the Twitter deal at the current price anymore.

If he had any realistic desire to still buy twitter he wouldn't be showing his *ss today so he doesnt look like a little b*tch when he claims the woke liberal establishment wont let him buy Twitter later

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4 hours ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

@AF89 HBO Max cartoons re-imagining beloved female characters are simply too **** horny 


It only just occurred to me that some HBO hired animator got real lazy and just used a reskinned poison ivy here

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