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The Your 2021 World Series Champions Braves Thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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34 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

WFW is going to be nice here and say there are a number of things you don't put much thought into, Cruncho.

Me and the family went out to dinner last night at a place called christy maes. It has been a while since we been there. Used to have the best chicken fried steak in town (IMO). It was an enjoyable evening. Would you believe they charge $1.99 for kids meals. That was a pleasant surprise. The crowd was older. Along the lines of what you see daily at the facility. A few of them stopped by to talk to us about how cute, well behaved my daughters were. Really nice to put a smile on the face of some old people. Everything is made in house. The service was ok we had a ditzy teenage waitress who heard one request and extrapolated it to the whole table. Long story short they had the best fountain cokes I have had in a long while. Crushed ice too oh and the slice of apple pie I had was awesome and warmed to the exact temperature I like it. Have you had any warm apple pie? I’m sure you have but I’m also sure it’s been a long while. Long story short I got some work to do today to get myself ahead of the game for the week. Work has been a bit of a challenge because as management says nobody wants to work these days. It has been recommended to them they need to pay people a living wage but these folks making over $100k or more a year have no issue offering $11/hr for manufacturing pay. And then complain about the people they are hiring at the rate. I have seen as many older (you) men working out there on the floor. It’s kinda sad to see in reality. But long story short I get blasted off Mai tai zkittles before I walk in the building to either do my manufacturing work or my 1 day a week in office time. My guess is it’s gonna last throughout the rest of the year. Already got my vacation request in for the week before Xmas since the crumb bums on the team beat me to my annual week of Xmas off. Long story short it’s a beautiful day out here looking out at the manzanos from my balcony. I hope you have an excellent day and remember to take all your meds in the little white cup. They give em to you fro a reason and they are trying to help. 

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41 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

Actually I went out for my usual Sunday 3 mile run this morning. Felt much better than I thought I would. 

You didn’t drink enough.


I unfortunately have developed this pain in the back of my jaws when I drink.  It’s painful and I hate it.  I think it has something to do with dehydration… 

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5 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Agreed, but I'm still waiting for the Afghanistan disaster accountability.

That would require acknowledgment of Trump negotiating with the Taliban (and inviting them to Camp David) against Afghan government wishes, excluding the Afghan government, agreeing to release 5000 Taliban prisoners against the Afghan government’s wishes, setting a May 1st deadline, reducing US troop numbers by thousands despite the Taliban consistently escalating violence directly in violation of the signed agreement. It would require acknowledgment of the fact that even people like Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio said the existing plan for a rapid withdrawal would likely result in “a Saigon type of situation” before the 2020 election even happened. It would require acknowledgment that the Afghan government warned us that making agreements with the Taliban without mechanisms for assurance would be a fatal mistake, but Trump pushed ahead with it anyway.

It would require acknowledgment that there was zero handoff from the outgoing Trump administration to the Biden transition team, on almost all levels, but specifically with regard to the Afghanistan withdrawal plans. They were left with a mess and a situation where they either had to complete the withdrawal or reassert control with a surge of numbers.

Biden admin absolutely deserves criticism for how the withdrawal unfolded, but don’t try to tell anyone you want accountability for how it all happened. Because that is 100% unseasoned ********.

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“There are a lot of people who are very eager for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to come up and be voted on as well," Jake Tapper said.  "And progressives have said they're not going to vote for that until there's at least a deal on the larger social safety net bill. You said the House must pass the bipartisan infrastructure plan by October 31st which is a week from today. Moderates are frustrated two deadlines have been missed because of the progressives. Do you, are you going to meet that goal?"

"Wait wait a minute," the speaker interjected forcefully. "There was no deadline that was missed because of the progressives, okay. Their line was missed because they changed from 3.5 to one-half that. And we've had to go in. And it's lamb meet lamb. Everything is good in the bill. What do you cut, okay?”

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3 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

One thing you'll find in the work life (especially in unions) is seniority is king. Not your work ethic, not how well you produce, attitude or punctuality, its seniority. You get first choice of everything including vacation choices. I've been a business owner, blue collar and white collar employee,  but the best thing of all is being retired from all of that. Hang in there Cruncho, you'll get there one day.

Thanks for appreciating old people, going out and helping the economy, actually working instead of relying on the gubmint teat etc, etc. Overall you are listening to WFW and that's a good thing.  Anyone as old as me should be retired. Life is short, get a financial planner while still young, its never too early. Also, start the kids education funds early (when they are babies (don't expect the gubmint to give the kids free college) just cut back on the drinking and gambling monthly (whomever this applies too) and that 529 payment is well within reach. 

How did you deal with *****ile dysfunction ?

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