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The Eastern Conference Finals Thread

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Fellas I'm fully vaccinated as of today.

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8 hours ago, achilles return said:

maybe quicker but idk about less horrifying 

getting shot in the chest probably doesn't feel great

The victim's of those murderers surely said the same thing when they got shot in the chest. 

8 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:

It makes me wonder though.


Firing squads traditionally had at least one person firing blanks. It gave hardened soldiers at least reasonable doubt. Is there a dumbie lethal injection or is there just a person who knows they're killing another man when they depress that syringe or whatever it is that they do?

Unfortunately, trained soldiers firing live or dummy rounds know the difference in recoil.  So for the soldier that fired the blank round his/her conscience is off the hook, but the other's know. 

7 hours ago, The Monarch said:


The coping went just as well when these same gestures were on cars during the Trump administration. Nothing changes, just the names. 



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6 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

@Mr. Hoopah!












This is the sort of depravity that deficit obsessions produce. The Iraq War needed to be “paid for” with the future earnings of students who, lawmakers imagined, would eventually be rich, even as many of the same lawmakers voted to cut taxes on already-rich people. Now the debt of the still-not-rich students can’t be forgiven because of its importance to the federal government’s predicted future earnings. And politicians and commentators in thrall to deficit politics still paint the situation as a morality tale, in which the borrowers are irresponsible for having the debt and the government would be irresponsible to forgive it. After all, think of the poor taxpayers.


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7 hours ago, falconsd56 said:


It has gotten worse too.

Oh, a ton. I'm up in little po-dunk Anthem. Full of rich white folks. The Walmart has a crowd of Homeless that hang out by the exits of the lot. I had a lady laying on my driveway one day when I got back from picking up the kids. We have a dude that sleeps at the pocket park across the street on occasion.  The sheriffs have nothing to do up here, so they spend most of their time harassing the homeless.

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2 hours ago, lostone said:

Sho wish I could offer more to current/potential candidates.  India market has gotten hot lately and we are losing good developers left and right.  

I get a ton of recruiters hitting me up every week. I had one that must've been a little worn out of the rejections, I had sent him the "Thanks for reaching out but I'm not interested" canned response. He replied complaining that none of the people he hit up were interested. Asked "How can we get you guys interested in a great career?"

"Pay about twice as much as you're offering" was my response.

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