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The Eastern Conference Finals Thread

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Fellas I'm fully vaccinated as of today.

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12 minutes ago, achilles return said:

i like knowing things. i like learning things. i enjoy teaching things. i like being the guy who knows the things. i don't ever want to make decisions about other people, though. give me a classroom, sure, but never ask me to decide who i've got to kick out of it.

I understand... truly that part sucks a$$... I hate it.  

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9 minutes ago, AF89 said:

Anybody checked out this Warrior on HBOMax. Trailer looks interesting, Cowboys and Kungfu

Not yet. We just watched the Flight Attendant which was entertaining in a pulpy, overly stylized kind of way. Too many episodes and got repetitive but Kaley Cuoco was genuinely great in it.

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22 minutes ago, RandomFan said:

LOL do you guys remember SCAR that used to post on the Falcon boards back in the day, that tried to be a Falcons journalist but always came off as a mouthy self-important dork instead? This is him. 


He's a nice guy I met him once, and he put a lot more thought into his opinions than most fans

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1 hour ago, RandomFan said:

Simultaneously both proud of GA for turning blue and helping elect Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock, while terribly embarrassed by GA electing this vapid ignoramus. 

I’m telling you, those folks up the 75 corridor are stuck in their ways and anything with an R as they have tied being one with being a Christian.

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