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The Braves Win the NL Pennant and Battle On to the World Series Thread

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3 hours ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

To Biden's credit, and to the fault of the press, it's not a question that can be fully and appropriately answered with a 20 second sound bite, which is exactly what the press wants. Biden could have said "I will address this in my speech later, thank you for the question."

Instead he goes "haha VROOM VROOM!"




Every president before Biden has done it, every president after him (assuming global warming doesn't kill us all) will do it too.  It's not just a Biden issue.


Still can't get over the press corps asking a question that has as much levity as just about anything hes going to be asked in his term as president and then going like straight to waiter forced laughing at your dad jokes for that tip mode in like absolutely no time.

Then again I guess in thier defense he just joked about having to run one of them over to get him back on that topic and if you don't laugh there its gets super awkward fast

Of course it also wouldn't look out of place if you replaced the exact same situation of Biden with Trump and a gaggle of Fox News, OAN and Newsmax sycophants 

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