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The Braves Win the NL Pennant and Battle On to the World Series Thread

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26 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

Right. And there’s a way to handle that question if he doesn’t want to answer it at that time, if he felt it was not the appropriate venue. He handled it poorly and is rightfully receiving criticism for it.

To Biden's credit, and to the fault of the press, it's not a question that can be fully and appropriately answered with a 20 second sound bite, which is exactly what the press wants. Biden could have said "I will address this in my speech later, thank you for the question."

Instead he goes "haha VROOM VROOM!"




Every president before Biden has done it, every president after him (assuming global warming doesn't kill us all) will do it too.  It's not just a Biden issue.


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36 minutes ago, Downvote Don said:

Come on, dude. . . . Just as you just did, MOST people refer to Jewish Israeli's and Arab or Muslim or Palestinian Israli's.  Her choice of language, intentional or not, matters.  There was NO REASON for her not to say "Jewish Israelis's." 

She may as well have said "you people"

ok this is a bit much lol

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14 hours ago, Carter said:

“Texans, not gov’t, should decide their best health practices” he says as he is about to sign one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country into law.

I’m so tired of these ********.

Abortions after 6 weeks have been banned in Texas.

So much for Texans making their own health choices. That lasted a whole day. 

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33 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

This is a touchy subject with Jewish friends who feel like Israel isn't wrong because they have the "right" to that land. Much like some of the younger people in this vid

I don't like these man on the street interviews as an indication of popular opinion.  Obviously too many folks have the opinion expressed here, but we don't know it if is the majority.  There are plenty of Jews and Palestinians working for peace.  

It is tough to be fair on either side when you have lost loved ones and neighbors who have been killed by violence.  Somehow, folks need to appreciate that this latest wave of violence was provoked by Netenyahu and escalated by both sides primarily for political survival on both sides.  Hamas and Netenyahu were both extremely vulnerable precisely BECAUSE moderates on both sides are gaining popularity. 

The hostility needs to be channeled politically towards the leaders who are killing their own to sustain political power.  

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