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The Braves Battle to the NLCS Thread

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6 hours ago, AF89 said:

Every Zaxbys in existence is the evil multiverse ChikfilA of service which is a measure of how tasty thier food is we still all eat there

It's a roulette whether thier going to try to charge you for extra sauce they never gave you or randomly switch your order to boneless. Actually getting napkins is a war of wits 😵

McDonald's workers don't even like taking your order at the one by my house. They act like you've ruined their day. And don't be placing an order for the family.

One day the girl at the pick up window didn't greet me or say a single word the entire time and was holding my food like it was just nasty in her hands. The tells me "you're welcome" as I'm driving off. I'm like **** you didn't give me a reason to tell you thank you. That's like a waitress who hasn't been to your table the entire time expecting a $20 tip

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5 hours ago, Andrews_31 said:

Comcast by two country miles! 

Metro can be that way too. But I'll give the benefit of doubt because they have so many non American answering the phone. I can barely understand them and they can barely understand me

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12 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:

The covid response thoughts made me have to rethink how every state responded to the pandemic and I'm gonna have to believe that is gonna influence the next election......



Some of y'all like to predict the next Republican candidate and I'm gonna have to kinda jump on @Andrews_31 dark horse pick here and say Larry Hogan. He's definitely Republican but just dangerous enough to capture swing voters. Trump complicates things but that dude is just dangerous enough to move them in a different direction to where they can be a problem for Dems and swing voters.

The problem for Hogan is the primaries and he was critical of Trump.  I don’t think he’s going to be high on the list of the majority of GOP primary voters who, to quote a former GOP member of Congress, want “the craziest son of a b***** in the race”.  

Hogan would be a dangerous general election candidate.  I agree with you there.  But I don’t see him going far in the GOP primary.

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Btw y’all my surgery for my hernias (I had another that has been around for many years) is set for July 29th.  

this should be fun I guess.  Can’t work out for 2 weeks afterwards though :( 

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