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The Braves Battle to the NLCS Thread

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53 minutes ago, achilles return said:

y'all get that gamespot and gamestop are different entities right

gamespot is the gaming journalism outfit

gamestop is the retailer

Looks the same to me but I was always told I had special capabilities when it came to reading

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54 minutes ago, The Monarch said:




34 minutes ago, Jdrizzle said:


Here’s a pretty good article about this...


I’m not as worried about speaking fees, mostly because I think the entire speaking circuit is corrupt af but pretty universal regardless of who is doing the speaking or the paying.  I don’t think she’s beholden to Citadel or anything like that because of the fees.  

But I agree with Monarch’s post that it’s pretty dumb for the press secretary to dismiss it as “she earned that money” and pretend like they were paying for her insight.  As the Vox article notes, what they’re really doing is using her name to boost their prestige and advertise for higher prestige clients.  It’s exactly the same reason why Hunter Biden was paid so much to be on the Burisma board.  It’s why universities pay celebrities $50k-100k to give speeches at commencement.  It’s a completely corrupt industry but these people usually aren’t beholden to those paying them.  

Ben Bernanke being on Citadel’s payroll is a much bigger concern for me, honestly.  

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