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The Braves Battle to the NLCS Thread

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8 hours ago, Sponge said:

And in every interview he always brings up that he holds himself to a higher standard since he didn't fall into the rock n roll lifestyle of doing drugs. 

In the old VH1 Behind the Music he admitted to being with young women, but on Rogan he denied it. He’s the kind now that would try to point an AR15 at a boy coming to take his daughter on a date. ******* hypocrite. 

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2 minutes ago, Sponge said:

lol Goodman was a crooked Bible saleman in Oh Brother Where Art Thou too

Oh Brother is loosely based on Homer’s “The Odyssey,” and he represents the Cyclops from that poem too. But a great performance, not that Goodman is capable of anything else. 


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5 minutes ago, Aleksandr sportolli said:


Way to go, Joe.  I love you. You did this yourself.  You were the only one who could.  I'm getting your face tattooed on my chest so I know who to thank each morning when I'm standing butt naked in front of the mirror.  I'm going to buy a big stupid truck just so I can fly Biden flags on it.  Haha conservatives are so mad.  Biden 2024, landslide.  Have fun with your BDS, lemmings.

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