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The Braves Battle to the NLCS Thread

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On 2/13/2021 at 11:19 AM, duckettpleaze said:

I don’t understand why I am mentioned here. Is it because I have expressed concern about the existence of Russian bots?

Is it your contention that Russian bots were not part of an attempt to manipulate the 2016 election?

I’m confused, because it seems like you’re engaging in classic gaslighting by trying to make me appear unreasonable by recognizing the existence of something that, in fact, the best available intelligence has confirmed actually exists. 
If you were going to tag me at least have the decency for a substantive reply. 

I acknowledge the Russian bots from the 2016 election.


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1 hour ago, lostone said:

Y’all... Dave is Carlin.  Dave is our Carlin and you better take it in.  I’m going to enjoy this ride as long as Dave wants to continue 


Eh. Dave started sniffing his own farts a bit too much for my taste. Like, he’s developed that “I’m the only one BRAVE enough to say the things I say” complex. Honestly, I find most of his newer comedy unfunny and painfully self righteous.

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1 hour ago, Corn Pop said:


They deserve all the **** they are getting. It’s insane how much worse they are at playing politics than the GOP is, especially considering how openly terrible the GOP is. Also it’s insane how the Dems always pay heavier consequences than the GOP ever does over stuff like this.


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