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The Baby Dik Dik Job Stories Thread

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Fellas I'm fully vaccinated as of today.

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I'm probably gonna be outta here for several days my dudes. Got two guys out with Covid, one of the sups quit, and they're redistricting the entire state so it's been pretty hectic. Next week is when we figure out where we are.


But long live the hedge fund boy ****** overs, **** big Tech, and long live the dudes who got like $50 bucks wrapped up in ******* them over.

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20 minutes ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

Dogecoin hit .08. doesn't seem like much, but I bought when it was below .01.


I love this.

Yeah I could already have flipped $10 into about $80 on there if I sold earlier. I’m starting to wonder what my sell point should be and if I should buy some more. If it goes to a dollar or more, that’s nearly a grand. 

I’m gonna have to see what the tax situation for this is, I’m clueless about it.

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