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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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Just now, Mr. Hoopah! said:

Sleeping now, pain pill has him in lala land. 

Good. He'll be good pretty quick. Ours was getting around pretty good a few days after he had it removed. He still trips a bit at times, and has a rough time on certain surfaces, but he's generally able to do what he needs.

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1 hour ago, AF89 said:


I was under the impression based off news and social media this was over? ( Do most of yall have access to unleaded?)

I'm driving around on the fuel I set aside for the mower today

It is gonna take time. People aren't panic buying anymore, but refilling the stations is still slow.  Places like GA, NC, DC, VA won't be completely back to normal til after Memorial day. Still nearly 9k stations without gas right now. 

tracker.gasbuddy.com  or gasbuddy app prioritize places that have been reported to have gas more recently.  

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6 minutes ago, AF89 said:

Dont tell BO but I think the Hawks could beat the Lakers in a seven game series right now 

Talking a little trash while they are down by 13 at the half I see

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5 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:


Wait.......wasn't there a conversation about something **** near this a few months back? 


It ended in yaboi saying he never wanted to talk to Serge about this.

I kinda remember it. He had a detailed response is what I do remember

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I've ordered my popcorn from Amazon. Waiting to see who flips on who in the Trump Organization. Eric and Don Jr flip on Ivanka?  Ivanka and Jr hand up Eric? Eric outsmarts them all for immunity and throws someone under the bus? Daddy throws one of them under the bus? In the upcoming few weeks we should be seeing sparks fly. And the only end to everything going on in Congress right now to Trump's protectors would be if he were to croak in his sleep.  :ninja:


15DAYS - Twitter Search

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