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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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59 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

That's going to be based on pre-pandemic tax returns, right? How many people making 80k then are making much less now? 

The grand benefits of working 40-44 hours a week. I get to qualify for a lot of stuff that my co workers don't and I'm okay with that. The last huge doctor/hospital bill that I had, I only paid $20 and my slate was clean 😎

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1 hour ago, falconsd56 said:



OMG!!!!! We were at Whistler when my oldest son was 11 or 12 and he could not figure out how to open a trash can.  A while a later, we saw a bear rummaging through the same trashcan.  Successfully.  Ever since we have told him that he is NOT smarter than your average bear.  (Even though he goes to Vassar.)

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1 hour ago, Corn Pop said:

There are few things I hate worse than having to go into a public restroom and smell another person's bowel movement.

Disgusting. uInQ4H5.png

Ain't nothing worse that a port-a-potty on a Mexican jobsite in the middle of summer. I think it's physically impossible for a Mexican to **** a turd. Looks like refried bean cow patties. 

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One year at the UGA/FL game in Jacksonville (early 2000s) our tailgate was set up next to a kitchen tent run the the Pork Council of America (or some such thing - I was drunk by 10 AM). We hung out all day, trading beers for sausage biscuits, pork tenderloin and whatnot. I took a bottle of bourbon into the game, and, as we got beaten pretty soundly, was three sheets to the wind by the end of it. Turns out I was also three ***** to the wind. On the way out I got the spinal chill  pushdown warning from pork overload, and the only place I could find was a port-a-potty just outside the stadium. It was worse than anything I've ever endured, scatologically speaking. I threw away my shows, pants, and boxers when I got back to the house.

Sometimes that's how it goes.

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10 minutes ago, Aleksandr sportolli said:

Seriously......the **** is wrong with these people?




For real. It's not like it takes much intelligence to know that "Texas" is not some homogenous ******* entity, some automaton acting on preprogrammed republican code or something. It's a collection - a massive collection - of human beings, diverse in opinion and belief, all of whom deserve a base level of empathy no matter what choices they've made previously.

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