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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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Mrs. Winners had a small buffet at the one near where I grew up. That **** was amazing. I wish we had something like that around here. Closest thing we had was Golden Corral but that place sucks and it went out of business here anyway.

Shoneys breakfast bar prepared me for the chow halls in the Middle East lmao

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10 minutes ago, Aleksandr sportolli said:

That brings up a memory though. Man when I was a kid I loved the Shoney's breakfast buffet bar. 

When I was in high school my friends and I were partly responsible for Shoney's changing their desert and salad buffet rules.

It used to be you got unlimited salad and desert with any purchase  so 5 or 6 of us... sometimes more would go in and just order a Tea and then we would just eat our weight in salad, desert, and those fantastic yeast rolls.


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The Republicans will not win the presidency in 2024. Trump's not going to win. If he is precluded from running for some reason(s), he's never going to endorse somebody else. It's not in his make up. In fact, he'll resent somebody else for daring to take his seat on the Porcelain Throne and undermine them.

The GOP can win the Senate, though thanks to the fact that 10 states with populations lower than the top 9 cities can still send two senators to Washington.

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