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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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Mitch McConnell....

What can I say?  That worthless SOB told Trump lawyers they are full of ****. He told every Republican who voted to object to the EC vote that they are full of ****.  He told  right wing media they are full of ****. And, of course, he told Trump that HE’s full of ****. 
I can only assume that he voted to acquit to remind everyone that he, too, is still full of ****. 
He even told House Impeachment managers that they SUCKED ****. (“This is how it’s done fella’s)
AND, I’m not sure of the process, but he blew the door wide open to prevent Trump from seeing office again under Section 3 of the XIV Amendment.
Cheney McConnell 2024!  





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1 hour ago, AF89 said:


St Mary’s is blocks away from my middle school. Not proud of it but me and some friends used to walk by teasing those polo uniform wearing kids. I rode that wrong track till I was about 17ish when I realized what jail/prison was probably gonna be like for me. 

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6 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

Kamaru Usman is a problem. Gilbert Burns has been running through everybody and Usman starched him.

Said the same thing.... dude is a problem. Burns had a great 1st round but after Usman found his jab that was it. Usman staring him down at the end of the 2nd round after he dominated him and probably could have finished him off 3 different times was intense.

I would like to see a Masvidal rematch with both guys getting a full camp. Their fight was boring as all **** because Usman just kept him on the fence basically the whole time. He didn't really try to trade shots for long with Masvidal the way he did with Colby, Burns, or even Woodley. He might have the confidence for it if he keeps training with Trevor Wittman and Gaethje. Of course, that nose being broken probably had a lot to do with him hugging that one out for points.

Khabib vs Usman at 170 would be crazy to see but there is probably no chance of that.

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