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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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14 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

Yep. She basic in the face with no makeup but the body straight. 




Zion should know these IG girls don't keep secrets when it comes to someone with any type of celebrity.


They think showing that these type of guys are interested in them are gonna confirm a status level of desirability. She did him dirty, but Zion pretty much knew the risks by now.


I agree She got a nice body, but people like Zion be amping these girls heads up.

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9 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


I read Gym Jordan comments in that thread, wow is all I will say!

And until any Republican is fine with raising and not CUTTING taxes, I don’t want to hear one word about DEFUNDING anything! 

How Da fu@k do you think the Police get paid!!?(not you. But Gymnasium Jordan) lol

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9 hours ago, NightPain said:

Any data showing this anti mask vaccine stuff from the right is making any inroads with the centrists that helped put Biden in office? Or are they just preaching to the choir at this point?

Only evidence that I’ve seen suggests the anti-mask and anti-vax stuff is hurting the GOP with swing voters.  Not a lot of it out there yet, though.

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A Republican senator suggested in a private conversation Saturday, without evidence, that the FBI knew more about the planning before the Jan. 6 Capitol riot than it has revealed so far, according to a video obtained by The Washington Post.

The comments from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), made after a political event at a Wauwatosa, Wis., hotel, reflect the spread of an unfounded claim that has traveled from far-right commentators to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to the highest levels of the GOP.

“I don’t say this publicly, but are you watching what’s happening in Michigan?” Johnson said while discussing the Capitol attack with some of the event’s attendees. “. . . So you think the FBI had fully infiltrated the militias in Michigan, but they don’t know squat about what was happening on January 6th or what was happening with these groups? I’d say there is way more to the story.”

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A new, devastating covid-19 impact may be coming soon: a wave of evictions after a federal eviction moratorium expired at the end of July.

Democrats are pointing fingers: progressive lawmakers have criticized conservative Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), while Ms. Pelosi blames the Biden administration and Republicans. In truth, this is not the administration’s fault, nor is it Congress’s. Washington has provided money. States are just failing to distribute it, a bureaucratic disaster that will squeeze landlords and commit perhaps millions of renters to extreme financial hardship, even homelessness.

The eviction moratorium was a desperate, humane measure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention imposed in September on shaky legal authority. The Supreme Court upheld it only through the end of last month. Mr. Biden announced Monday that “our team is redoubling efforts to identify all available legal authorities to provide necessary protections,” but neither he nor the CDC can ignore clear instructions from the nation’s highest court. Meanwhile, some 6.5 million households owe back rent.


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5 minutes ago, NightPain said:

Sitting in my daughters school parking  lot and just noticing how monstrous these people’s vehicles have become and they all are showing off their backing in parking skills. 

Yeah I have to squeeze past tahoe's/suburbands/silverados/F150's every morning and afternoon at the toddler's daycare in my 2011 Camry.  But that ***** is paid off and only has 88K miles. :slick:

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54 minutes ago, lostone said:



I still say the longer the GOP keeps Chump around, the more likely they are to loose next year. 

They should all be like Liz and ditch his @ss because moments like this are going to keep happening and reminding folks just how &ucked up he is!

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