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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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4 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

So I honestly watched like 3 Duke games this week. JJ is more of a 4 than 3, right? 

Not a draft person, but yea it feels like more of a 4. He can shoot, but that is definitely the weakest part of his game. Feels like the hope is that he eventually replaces either Collins or Gallo.

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Big man passing is by far and away the 2nd biggest hole for the team behind backup PG. 

Well. PF period is probably the second biggest hole. Just a massive waste land behind Collins outside of the few minutes Hunter might spend there. 

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4 hours ago, lostone said:

Y’all… my dog is trying to walk on my surgical wounds… that sh!7 hurts.  Trying to avoid using OxyContin at all costs.  I am terrified of it.

I have never been this anxious with this tiny 4lb dog before.  I also apparently said some crazy stuff post surgery, but it was all funny at least.  I called kids asholes… which is true. 

Don’t feel bad. After my colonoscopy, coming off anesthesia, I proceeded to very loudly list the only 3 people that had up until that point seen my a**hole. And added the doctor and his 2 nurses, effectively doubling the number of people who had seen my a**hole. 

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28 minutes ago, WOR said:

LMAO they got shariffe at 48????

HOLY CRAP. I went to bed and missed that. Was reading more about JJ, I forgot he was being talked about as the potential number 1, at worst early lottery, before he got hurt and withdrew. 

This draft might be even better than taking Hunter and Cam. 

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

@WOR @GEORGIAfan seems like they were willing to part with Cam and  20 to move up and take JJ but didn’t have to. Let him get a full offseason with Nate, if we’re going to pay Huerter over him, at least increase his value and trade him at the trade deadline next season. 

I dont think the trade woulda been for Johnson. 

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Jalen should help with the Trae trapping when he starts to get real playing time. 

The biggest reason teams trap Trae is John and Clint are usually his outlets....and theyre...uhhh...instant turnover passers lol. 

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