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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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Just now, WhenFalconsWin said:

I owned a small business, did a lot of the work myself with the help of a small crew, less than 10 people, I sold out and got out of that. Went back to school (32 years of age), finished my degrees (two of them) and the rest is history.  It's never to late Gramps, you should go back and get you HS diploma son, it's never to late. 

Finally you mustered up a good one.  

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2 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

They’re almost as bad as the “tick tock” Hillary’s going to jail people.

Nah, they've spent a lot of time with a Grand Jury. I don't think they would let the cat out of the bag and get egg on their face. Supposedly Trump attorneys have been to the DA's office and were prompted on soon to come charges on the 'Organization'. We will see. 

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10 minutes ago, Big_Dog said:

Nah, they've spent a lot of time with a Grand Jury. I don't think they would let the cat out of the bag and get egg on their face. Supposedly Trump attorneys have been to the DA's office and were prompted on soon to come charges on the 'Organization'. We will see. 

Palmer report has been predicting that Trump’s kids and Trump were going to be frog marched to jail any day now for 4 years. It’s BlueAnon. 

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So one reason that Capitol police didn’t properly assess the threat level of the rallies and the possibility of an insurrection was because the “Stop the Steal” organizers intentionally lied about the name of their organization precisely so police wouldn’t know it was them.  The entire article is worth a skim, as well…


Law enforcement anticipated between 50 and 500 people at the gathering, assigning it the lowest possible threat score and predicting a 1% to 5% chance of arrests. The police gave much higher threat scores to two small anti-Trump demonstrations planned elsewhere in the city.

However, One Nation Under God was a fake name used to trick the Capitol Police into giving Stop the Steal a permit, according to Stop the Steal organizer Kimberly Fletcher. Fletcher is president of Moms for America, a grassroots organization founded to combat “radical feminism.”

“Everybody was using different names because they didn’t want us to be there,” Fletcher said, adding that Alexander and his allies experimented with a variety of aliases to secure permits for the east front of the Capitol. Laughing, Fletcher recalled how the police repeatedly called her “trying to find out who was who.”

^^^And the police have been all over the map in their explanations about this…

A Capitol Police spokesperson told ProPublica on April 2, “Our intelligence suggested one or more groups were affiliated with Stop the Steal,” after we asked for a copy of the One Nation Under God permit, which they declined to provide.

Yet 18 days later, Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told congressional investigators that she believed the permit requests had been properly vetted and that they were not granted to anyone affiliated with Stop the Steal. Pittman did not respond to ProPublica requests for comment.

Last week, a Capitol Police spokesperson told ProPublica, “The Department knew that Stop the Steal and One Nation Under God organizers were likely associated,” but added that the police believed denying a permit based on “assumed associations” would be a First Amendment violation. “The Department did, however, take the likely association into account when making decisions to enhance its security posture.”

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On 6/24/2021 at 6:17 PM, lostone said:

So my mother’s husband died this morning.  I have also found out my boomer family is trippin on this Covid shot.  I love them, but they are playing with fire.  

I asked my mother if everything was properly in her name and now I don’t know. This is beyond annoying... I asked them about this before the pandemic and now it’s biting us...


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Sitting here trying to figure out if the National Review has always been dumb or if they just became dumb over the past few decades.  Here’s a piece on Critical RACE Theory, for example…


CRT is not just an attack on the American inheritance of political institutions; it is an attack on the social function of public schools.

Moms are rising up in counterrevolutionary revolt. I’ll say it again, moms are rising up in counterrevolutionary revolt against critical race theory, “anti-racism,” the introduction of the 1619 Project into high-school curricula, and the suddenly invasive demands of diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants who are being hired by their school districts. Although progressives wish, in vain, that this movement were an Astroturf operation run by shadowy right-wing donor networks, it has been springing up in school districts in reaction to initiatives led by administrators themselves.

Tatiana Ibrahim stood up in front of the Carmel school board in Putnam County, N.Y, and denounced what she termed the “communist values” that teachers and administrators in the district are promoting. “Stop indoctrinating our children. Stop teaching our children to hate the police. Stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community, they’re homophobic,” Ibrahim demanded. “You have no idea of each child’s life,” she said, before announcing, in an only-in-America moment, that she is a Christian and her daughter is a Muslim.

^^^Um, it’s not “Critical LGBTQ+ Theory” and it’s not “Critical Religious Theory” and it’s certainly not “Critical Communist Theory”.  Also, CRT isn’t even taught in K-12 schools.

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11 minutes ago, GEORGIAfan said:



I am so glad these terrible companies and bosses are getting exposed. 

He should extend his logic and just say guests should just pay whatever they feel is appropriate for everything, room included, why stop at the staff. 

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