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The ABF Classic Film Series: The Deer Hunter (1978) Thread

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1 hour ago, AF89 said:

Probably sitting here six months from now with Fox News using the "Tucker can't be construed as real news" defense  in court again 

Ashley Babbit's widower and his attorney were literally on Tucker's show Monday night talking about how they're suing to find out the identify of the officer who shot Ashley.  He's on the same political college football team as Tucker, so he'll never plead with him and sue him to ask him to stop speculating who killed his late wife. He'll be booked on multiple appearances in the future.

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13 minutes ago, AF89 said:


Yeah, the whole Maxine Waters thing is weird to me.  She definitely is a s*** show and has engaged in some reckless and dangerous rhetoric, but apparently she’s also the go-to “whataboutism” for GOP partisans and rightwingers these days who want to softpeddle and trivialize violence from the right.

I actually had somebody try to argue that MTG’s stuff about executing Pelosi (including liking a Facebook post about “a bullet to her head”) was “no different” or “no worse” than Maxine Waters’ telling protestors that they have to “get more confrontational”.  Like, their argument was basically, “Maxine Waters is telling supporters to murder Republicans and that’s no different than MTG’s call to publicly execute Nancy Pelosi.”

Just weird s***.  


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On 6/14/2021 at 1:31 PM, Mr. Hoopah! said:

I see Cuban doing everything possible, including cleaning house in the FO, to keep Luka. But Luka sees that other superstars get their way every time now, so he can just sit and force a blockbuster trade. 


15 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

Got **** the NBA getting real with it today






So the Athletic report was completely true, and Cuban is going to do whatever it takes to keep Luka.

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31 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

They will look at us and into Rupert Murdoch's cameras with the straightest face you've ever seen and say any democrat-led investigation into 1/6 was a partisan witch hunt while getting zero push back into blocking a bi-partisan commission despite being the minority party.

You're right that none of the politicians want to say they the FBI's alleged involvement needs to be investigated, because they don't want any part of it investigated as bad **** would come out, but they're more than satisfied to have their official state TV propaganda piece in Tucker wonder it out loud to placate the base.

I get more pissed off about liberal news than right-wing news because of situations like this, where liberal news gives their audience a completely misguided understanding of why the Republicans and Democrats are saying what they're saying and doing what they're doing, so that they think their most desired outcome is reality, whereas what's actually happened/happening is a conspiracy theory. Tucker Carlson isn't betraying me or people I care about.

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Just now, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

The cynic in me is thinking that the Dem establishment is just fine with letting Manchin be the boogeyman that's keeping them from doing all the things that their donor class really doesn't want anyway. 


what in the name of the entire history of america could make you so cynical about our politics?

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I can't imagine being a justice reporter in America. I'd probably be like Winston in Ghostbusters when he said "Since I joined these men, I have seen **** that would turn your *** white".




Thread:  This the story of one of the most remarkable cases in U.S. history, and you’ve probably never heard of it. The story of what the U.S. government did to Ezell Gilbert is important because it explains how our legal system works as well as any case I have ever seen. 

In 1997, Ezell Gilbert was sentenced to more than 24 years in federal prison in a crack cocaine case. Because of mandatory sentencing (treating crack 100 times as severely as powder), he was put in a cage for a quarter century, and even the judge said this was too harsh.

At sentencing, Gilbert saw an error that increased his sentence by about **ten years** based on a misclassification of a prior conviction. In 1999, without a lawyer, he filed a petition complaining about the mistake. The Clinton DOJ opposed him, and a court ruled against him. 

Ten years later, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in another person’s case, confirming that Gilbert had been correct about the error in his case. A public defender helped him file a new petition for immediate release from prison back to his family. He had served his time.

But Obama/Holder DOJ argued to a federal judge that even if his sentence was illegal, Gilbert must remain in prison. They said the “finality” of criminal cases was too important to allow prisoners to file more than one petition, even if the first one was wrongly denied.

The federal judge sided with Obama/Holder, and Ezell Gilbert remained in a cage even though everyone agreed he was now in prison illegally. He had the audacity to hope that courts would follow the law. 
A federal appeals court disagreed with Obama/Holder, and in June 2010, three judges set Gilbert free after more than 14 years in prison.

The judges rejected the DOJ’s argument as a departure from fairness and common sense. They said that it could not be the law in the U.S. that a person had to serve a prison sentence that everyone admitted was illegal. Ezell Gilbert went home and stayed out of trouble. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. There are many people like Gilbert in federal prison whose sentences are illegal. Did you know that? Instead of rushing to ensure that thousands of people illegally separated from their families were set free, DOJ decided to fight and appeal.

The Obama/Holder DOJ argued: If prisoners were allowed to file more petitions, the “floodgates” would open and many others — mostly poor, mostly Black — would have to be released.  They asked a larger group of judges to reverse Gilbert’s victory. 

In 2011, a larger group of judges, led by a Republican majority, agreed with Obama/Holder that the “finality” of sentences was too important to allow prisoners to be released on a second rather than first petition, even if the prisoner was correct all along.

Ezell Gilbert was rearrested and sent back to prison to serve out his illegal sentence in a cage. https://t.co/vQSAgq2WuH?amp=1

An 87-year-old Republican judge wrote a dissent. Having served in WWII, he called the explicit decision to illegally keep a human being in jail “shocking.” He wrote that a “judicial system that values finality over justice is morally bankrupt.”

Addressing Obama/Holder argument directly, he said: “[T]here are many others in Gilbert’s position — sitting in prison serving sentences that were illegally imposed. We used to call such systems ‘gulags.’ Now, apparently, we call them the United States.”

Major media ignored Ezell Gilbert’s case at the time. 

In 2013, two years after sending him back to a cage, Obama granted Gilbert clemency, and the media praised Obama for his leniency. Tens of thousands of other human being remained in prison illegally. You’ve never heard their names. (End.)


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