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The ABF Classic Film Series: Slap Shot (1977) Thread

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Update on Pops. He was taken to the hospital today. He was progressively getting worse over last night and this morning. Ending up having a fall this afternoon. He’s on plavix, so it makes his skin te

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2 hours ago, Andrews_31 said:

I'm late to the ****ting on Houston responses, but let me say this as a black man, Houston is hella cool for several reasons:

  1. Houston runs a close second to Atlanta in the fine asss black women category.  Houston got some fine asss black women, period!!
  2. If you're not from Houston, always know where you are or have someone that knows the area with you, don't run your mouth, don't flash money (if the men don't jack you first, the women certainly will).
  3. There is A LOT to do in Houston and the surrounding area.
  4. Houses are cheap!!!
  5. No state income tax
  6. I'd live in the Houston area (but not in a flood zone) before the i'd  live in the DFW area, and I like the DFW area!!!

To end this, Houston got some fine  black asss women!!!  Texas thickness!!!! Now that I think about it, I've seen a lot of fine asss black, white, Mexican, and VIETNAMESE women in Houston!!  Lawd!!!  :slick:

My uncle told me that Houston is the greatest city in the world  also can confirm about the fine *** black women. Was  15 at the galleria with my uncle when I saw this beautiful beautiful girl who gave me nothing but a please look when I said what’s up but I had to get a closer look and you miss all the shots you don’t take. 

43 minutes ago, Aleksandr sportolli said:




Reminds me that my boss sent a group email to our group saying to put in our time cuz the vpn is watching. I responded saying I thought it was always watching. I got no response. 

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32 minutes ago, Aleksandr sportolli said:

I'm kind of proud that I have absolutely no ******* clue who David Muir is and that none of y'all have subjected me to him or what I'm gonna have to assume are his ****ty takes.



Actually hes just a straight up nightly news anchor of the classic non cable news style variety. It would be weird if he had any takes at all beyond some bland comment for the half hours ending puff piece. Probably why youve never heard of him. This is Peter Jennings (and occasionally like Barbra Walters etc) old seat.

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