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The ABF Classic Film Series: Slap Shot (1977) Thread

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Update on Pops. He was taken to the hospital today. He was progressively getting worse over last night and this morning. Ending up having a fall this afternoon. He’s on plavix, so it makes his skin te

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No dis to our former first lady but everybody would be surprised if she did something like this. I can only imagine on how conservative media is spinning it:

"Jill BIden said 'let them eat cookies' like the elitist she is!!!"

"New first lady delivers carb-loaded sugar bombs to the troops. Why do the Bidens hate America?"

"Cookies won't unify America."



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Reporters are still conditioned to ask back page questions as if the paint job of Air Force One is worthy of their attetnion. Trump was so caught up in pettiness that it's going to take a while to get back to discussing the things that matter. Just the break from mundane things being made to be significant is refreshing.



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I’m not fan of Maddow, and this probably surprises nobody, but it’s still notable...

Maddow: Dr. Fauci...The country really trusts you in particular, but we've seen this sort of disappearance of, and sort of muzzling of, these other senior folks within the government. Do you think that we'll have more access to you, both the press and the public?

Fauci: I'm positive of it. I’ve been wanting to come on your show for months and months. You’ve been asking me to come on your show for months and months, and it’s just gotten blocked. Let’s call it what it is: It just got blocked because they didn’t like the way you handle things, and they didn’t want me on. I mean it was just so clear when we sent it down. "Why would you want to go on Rachel Maddow's show?" "Well, because I like her and she's really good." "It doesn't make any difference. Don't do it."

I don’t think you’re going to see that now. I think you’re going to see a lot of transparency. You might not see everybody as often as you want, but you're not gonna see deliberate holding back of good people when the press asks for them. We were assured that that's the case. And that goes along with what you were mentioning before about different types of pressures that were put on. It was a tough situation. It really was.

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