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The ABF Classic Film Series: Prince of Darkness (1987) Thread

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5 hours ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

Smelt like him getting his teeth kicked in. They called the police. I was escorted off.

Hopefully you weren’t at the lake omega keeps his imaginary lake house at. Cuz if you were I bet it was his smelly finger that got your smelly *** escorted out. 

On 1/20/2021 at 12:07 PM, falconsd56 said:

Since the most important of us now have air fryer's 

Does anyone have any favorite air fryer recipe?


For whatever raisin I ended up on a page. From Inauguration Day but I wanna say my favorite recipe is one cup of water for every cup of rice I put in dat b and set it on rice. And enjoy

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"Fact checking is a necessary but tedious affair. One could go through Woolery’s comments and note that there is no Frankfort school (unless there is a stronghold of Marxism in Frankfort, Kentucky that I’m not aware of. In which case, apologies). The critical theory of the Frankfurt school isn’t to be confused, despite similar names, with critical race theory. The Frankfurt theorists are no longer alive, let alone ruling the roost in Columbia. And Frankfurt school social theories, with the exception of Herbert Marcuse, had little truck with anti-racism. In fact, if the Frankfurt school is to be taxed with anything, it is a tendency towards apolitical quietism and alienation from activism.

Woolery’s comments have nothing to do with history. Dismayingly, he’s just replicating in 21st century form the familiar Judeo-Bolshevik myth of the last century. One hopes mythologizing is done out of ignorance rather than malice."

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