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The ABF Classic Film Series: Prince of Darkness (1987) Thread

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8 hours ago, Serge said:

Now that Tucker's talked about it, liberals and liberal media are going to treat it like a ******* joke right up until the point that they can't anymore, and then they're going to want people to simply accept that some level of FBI participation was inevitable and ultimately a good thing for showing that they've successfully infiltrated all the groups that participated in 1/6. They're going to legitimize it as a conspiracy theory for right-wingers to believe and canonize by dismissing it out of hand before there's ever any kind of outside investigation into the FBI's activity leading up to 1/6, and they're gonna dismiss it out of hand because the first big name to suggest it was Tucker Carlson, and because the FBI wouldn't do something like that. It's infuriating. They won't learn for the same reason the scorpion won't "learn" not to sting the frog on their way across the river.

I cringe that you would even post this and feel it is very Q-Hoopish of you to do so. 


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9 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:

I've made a lot of dumb decisions in my life but becoming politically inclined and informed may be my dumbest.




9 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:

Turning 38 turned me into a nihilist. I'm gonna be so bad in two years guys.

Some posts like the past week as well.  Not sure what is going on buddy, but life can be tough, don't be so hard on yourself.  Love, family, work, life, is all good, sounds like you work hard, are respected by your coworkers, from your pov, etc.  Hang in there brother, its all good and gets better as you age if you let it, I speak from experience.     

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4 minutes ago, AF89 said:


It sounds menacing but I cant make out individual words like I can La Marseillaise

For the record, I think that I was thinking about the old Soviet anthem, although it might be the same music with different words. Honestly, I don’t know

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