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The ABF Classic Film Series: Alien (1979) Thread

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3 minutes ago, Southern California Liar said:


Florida coast (and Helen Ga) popup markets can be as wild as anything you'll see in just about any international, bazaar this side of Southeast Asia, I can believe it

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17 hours ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


It's not that she's factually wrong in her position so much as she's keeping Trump in the news and encouraging him to demonstrate his hold on the GOP in order to fight a battle that serves no real purpose other than landing her a regular gig on MSNBC.

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7 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


OK, Now I have to tell my "Why Bobby Petrino was worthless SOB BEFORE he quit mid season by post it note:  Lefwich was the starter and led the team to a 1-6 record.  But he got hurt.  Joey Herrington replaced him and won two straight games and, by some miracle, the Falcons were actually still in the playoff hunt at 3-6.  

Game 10 was here against the Bucs and Byron was back and brutal.  I desperately hoped Herrington would take over in the second half, but Lefwich stayed in and continued to be brutal.  And the game was  over 31-0 by the time the Herrington finally entered the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  

So here is what Petrino could have done:  

1) Let the hot QB continue to start.

2) Give the injured starter his job back but take him out when he is not performing, but the team still has a chance to win.

3) Call of the dogs when the game is hopeless to protect your starting QB.

4) Put the back up in when it is hopeless and call off the dogs.

But here's what Petrino does:  He sticks Herrington out there AND KEEPS PASSING ON EVERY DOWN so poor Joey Herrington has to take the beating the Lefwich created.  Somehow, Herrington actually went 16/20 with a TD and only one sac (no interceptions).  He finished was a QB rating 62 points higher then Byron's.  But I was there and I remember that Herrington hung tough even though he was getting drilled on every play.  

And then the TD/MIke Smith Matt Ryan era started which was not actually SO bad so maybe Petrino did us all a favor.

But poor Joey Herrington got screwed, and a few years later his body was pretty much destroyed when he was hit by a car on a bike ride, but hey, thanks to Petrino he was used to it, right?

**** Bobby Petrino.


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26 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


The leftist purist take that Libs are suckers for acknowledging when awful people do decent things is the worst of takes.  Let's ignore the atrocity that the former (and future) bad actors are standing up to, and focus on the atrocities of Libs for recognizing their decency.  It's as if they don't WANT the atrocities to stop.

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