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7 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

I got a notification that HM quoted me but I don’t see it. Am I blind or did it get deleted.

I deleted it . . . I missed the "muslim" referenced first time through.  But the "locked" part doesn't even apply to Muslims when you consider what Putin did in Syria.

And that is part of my point.  Isolationism can be at least as morally repugnant than misguided intervention.  I am particularly sensitive as someone who has seen my family name on a Holocaust memorial in Prague.  But if we are going to have the debate, you undermine your credibility by pretending the U.S. is the only country that has a dark history of intervention.  


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15 minutes ago, lostone said:

Gavin is about to make a play for the Democratic nomination.  At least some states have good news.


He absolutely is going to run.

It would be nice if Biden stepped a side in 2024 and let someone like Newsom run

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5 minutes ago, lostone said:

You don’t say?


That seems high. I work with a lot of small and mid-sized businesses, and every single one of them used the PPP funds to cover payroll costs paid directly to employees.

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