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Welcome To Atlanta, GA Arthur Smith. Mods Please Deliver

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Mods please deliver.

Welcome to the A my brother. We are so pulling for you. We're a starving franchise. 369-473-6 with no Lombardies. Sadly many of us have seen the 473 losses in real time. We're all tired and need rest. We've seen many TATF faithful die trying to get rest here. Hopefully you and Terry can turn this thing around quickly and get us to the promised land. I'm really pulling for you guys. You said all the right things in your presser, but you will be measured by wins son. Trust me. Hopefully meaningful wins. Here are my wishes:

  • Build an OLine and Dline. Something we haven't done in decades. Bully the league
  • Don't be a puppet to Blank or McKay. Fontenot either
  • Adjust every year, every week, every quarter, every play. Adapt
  • Never run four straight times like you did last week. WTH was that bro?
  • Learn to hate the Aints and keep your eye on Terry who's an Aint
  • Figure out what you want to do with Ryan and Julio next week and set a course now. Not later
  • Win a Lombardi. Anything else would be unswivelized. That's the bar in ATL. You ready?

Let me know if you ever have questions or need to talk to a true blue Falcon. Good luck man!


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“Mods? Here ye hear ye... I have a message that I will post upon these boards y’see. A message of great recompense and reward m’ Lord. It’s a message of encouragement to King Arthur, our Kingdom’s new ruler. We support thee with a following 3 chants of Rise up per our sponsors!”

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We've got to add 50LBS to julio and insure him his true position has always been RB.. Absolutely no need to draft a RB now.. Can you imagine getting 4 good years out of Julio the RB, plus he has good hands.. Would be amazing to see Ryan hit Julio with a check down and see #11 take it to the house.. We are set boyz!! 

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