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New Falcons GM Terry Fontenot: ‘It’s never a bad thing to add to a strength’

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15 minutes ago, Wjcorner said:

I’d be lying if I said I follow any other teams as hard as I follow Falcons. I do remember reading Ozzie Newsome state he’s always looking for the best player available over need though. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember another GM openly stating they go BPA over need.


Again, I can only take a GM for his word because I don’t know the draft board or draft strategy for that team.

Context is important. Ozzie isn’t drafting players to be backups. He is not afraid to draft Defensive lineman or line backers in rotation. Same goes for safeties, CB or OL. He rarely drafted QB, WR as much as other teams. Ravens were not afraid to double dip like two TE in a draft. 

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What’s funny is that those that want a QB at 4 would have to first admit to Matt Ryan being a strength.

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GREAT responses on two key points: 1. Talent > Need 2. Don't disclose to the press what you wouldn't want other teams to know  The fact that he referenced Newsome shows he understand

WEll, To me it is a bad thing if we don't take care of our greatest needs first. NOW! If we have a top player at all positions, I can go for this thought.. But personally , I don't think all our players are top notch.  So  I'm not in agreement with this thought..  

1' Take best players of need that is hardest to get in lower rounds first. 

2. Then take top players we need that we can get in lower rounds.

3. Then take best players that we need as second string.. 

4. And in this order.  Just common sense. IMO

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