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So now with TF saying BPA at 4.. This all but guarantees a QB pick for us right?

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10 minutes ago, Macknsweetjones said:

Didn’t say it was weak or a noodle but those balls don’t have that same effortless zip we see from other QBs

Not you, but others are, and that's where the post you responded to are coming from. They're reacted to those takes

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1 hour ago, Someday soon said:

How many posters here still carry their security blanket.  Maybe has a nice photo of Matt or Julio on it for good measure.  I wonder if the Falcons could ever draft a QB in the top of the draft and expect good play from the rookie.  Wait didn't that happen before? 

Or we could draft a QB at the top of the draft and then they go to jail.

That has happened too.

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8 hours ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

In order to make an impact, you need to be on the field. There isn't a single QB in this draft that would beat MR2 in training camp this year.

Yeah, but those who are whining to draft a QB, would instantly be whining for him to be playing , while Matt sits on the bench. Just dumb.

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