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Matt Ryan, establishing a culture, first official interview with Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith

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1 hour ago, Theyhateme : ) said:

Why do you say that he's not the most eloquent guy in the world.  Are you saying that he isn't as persuasive?  My mind didn't think about eloquence. 

Was just referencing that he doesn't have a smooth delivery. Not a natural public speaker. 

I was really just kind of joking around - it makes exactly zero difference if he is a gifted speaker as long as he can coach football. 

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I wonder if he's fired up? In seriousness, not the most eloquent guy in the world, but I'm sure his head is spinning right now with everything he's got going on. Did like hearing the thoughts on

“Smart team and good at situational football.” Man I sure hope that becomes true. 

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2 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

“Smart team and good at situational football.” Man I sure hope that becomes true. 

The team was playing a lot smarter and more disciplined under Morris, especially the defense. That mindset and standard of excellence will be carried forward under TS and his coaches to an even greater extent.

As for the offensive side, Dirk's departure will help significantly. Give AS a chance to get to know the players and there's no doubt he will come up with stuff that will have us whooping and keyboard high-fiving like Shanahan used to.

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I think fundamentals etc are essential to every team.  I do not think you can change a culture in one season.  Our culture is one that suggests we can not hold onto a lead, we will fold in the fourth quarter.  Our defense will make foolish penalties in critical situations, Julio will drop a TD in the end zone, an easy interception will go through the defenders hands.   See my point?   Starting with a questionable culture means we are digging out of a hole.  We have a long way to go:  just to get to mediocrity.

In order to change the culture we will need to see massive personnel changes.  We don't need good.....we need great.

What some of you see as intensity and enthusiasm in Arthur Smith's eyes is not what I see.  I see a man who is frantic because  he got what he asked for and may be in over his head.  I hope I am wrong,  Guess we will find out next year.

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