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Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE

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9 minutes ago, Dr Long Shot said:

Yup, and we didn't really coach to his strengths last year. I think we are all gonna be surprised by the o-line next season, especially in the run game.

That could be said for the whole team. Brotherhood is great, but it ain’t coaching the game. 

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27 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

I absolutely love hearing stuff like this.


And that comes from a guy who has every opportunity to feel entitled with his dad’s success. He has always played that down and said that his dad’s success is not his own. As you see that he worked his way up the ladder in Tennessee he is truly walking the walk

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1 hour ago, Slumerican said:

Smh, c'mon Blank.. What does making our head coach and GM go through Rich really say about direction of the team.. Falcons just continue doing much of the same with different names.. Blank is getting to the Jerry Jones level.. ****

Blank letting them go thru mckay instead of him is the exact opposite of jerry...

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6 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

He's on 92.9 right now.  He's well versed in coach speak, but I love that he's unafraid to tell them "I know y'all want me to say _______, but we're not ready to address that yet."




Arthur Smith just said that he's "fired up" to work with Ryan during the 92.9 interview lol.

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1 minute ago, JDaveG said:

I love that he's saying -- a lot -- that he wants diversity of thought and he does not want a bunch of yes men.


Yep, and that is very important.


That's what separates the Belichicks, Reids, Payton's, and other very successful HCs from the rest.


Willing to adapt to situations and not be stuck in a certain way.

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