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dont think getting assassinated by illegal hits counts as choking.

BWAHAHAHA!!! Screw the Taints!  This made my weekend! Schadenfreude!!!!  

Love to see you go and love to watch you leave. Amazing career for a true professional. ✌️

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wait what? 


screw the taints and screw brees. all the dump off stat padding he's done the last several years, only to see his last game have 3 picks and the last pass of his career be one of them? SWEET!!!!!


I would almost bet his ego will tell him to come back next year, and retire at the end of the first game they win, and come out of the game immediately after a dump off 1/2 yard TD pass

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5 hours ago, IA Falcon07 said:

Even though he's done his damage through the years, it'd probably be the best outcome if he stays at this point. Feels like the Saints will be better with just about anyone that doesn't have a limited arm at QB.

It is and i think Drew knows it. I cant and wont speak for all Saints fans, but this one knew last year should have been his last. ( physically ) 

We were kinda saddled with the inability to keep defenses defending the long ball. You can get away with that thru the regular season. But in the playoffs, DCs are at the top of their game. Tampa condensed the field, played primarily man and dared us to go deep. We never did. Drew just doesnt have that arm any longer. We brought in Jameis for that 50 yd TD which was all you needed to know. 

The reason Drew returned last year was that NO had tapped TB to come to NO for 2 years. He wasnt having any of that. And i think there was a level of respect between Coach/Org and Drew that they said "ok lets do it" knowing his limitations. Kudos to the Saints for allowing him to return, get a 12-4 record, divisional playoffs at 42. He has nothing left to prove to anyone. His name will be etched in the record books for a while. 

I know you guys are our bitter rivals, but dont think for a second losing Drew leads us to a 5 win season. Sean is too good a HC to have that happen. I suspect we will post 8-8 next year ( depending on who we retain, lost via FA etc ). With 2 of those 8 wins coming from.....;) 

all good. it was a better season than i anticipated from the start. No homefield advantage for any home game didnt help either. 


now yall got Fontenot and Smith. Should be exciting for yall. Looking forward to next year. 

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Their cap situation is shakey but depending how that works out, they could be better off without him at this point. 

He was holding them back with his inability to drive the ball down the field anymore. T. Hill being out yesterday hurt them. 

I hope they descend into mediocrity, but based on their record the last 2 seasons without Brees, no guarantee of that.

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