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Arthur Smith Introductory Press Conference

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"We are thrilled to welcome Arthur to Atlanta and introduce him to our city and fans as the Falcons new head coach," said Arthur M. Blank, Falcons owner and chairman. "Throughout our research and interview process, Arthur stood out amongst a very deep and very talented candidate pool with an outstanding plan for our organization to return to the level of competition our fans deserve and expect. He has all the characteristics of a strong leader and while his achievements have primarily come on the offensive side of the ball, he has provided a plan that is comprehensive within all three phases of the game. With Arthur, I am very confident that our process and approach have led us to a dynamic leader for our team and I believe our players, staff, fans and community will be as well."

"Our entire search was highly organized and thorough and I'm grateful to Rich McKay and many, many others across multiple departments in our company who contributed in this process."


"I'm honored and humbled to have the responsibility of leading Atlanta's team," Smith said. "I'd like to thank Arthur Blank, Rich McKay and the entire Falcons organization and the city of Atlanta for this opportunity. I'd especially like to thank my family, Allison and our three children, for not only joining me, but for supporting me on this journey. We are beyond excited to become a part of the Atlanta community, embrace its culture and experience all the city and our fellow citizens have to offer. 

"The Falcons organization stood out to us in this process primarily due to the leadership and support from the top in Arthur Blank. His actions and core values provide a great model on how to operate for so many, and align with how I plan to move forward in reaching the levels of competition the passionate Atlanta fans so richly deserve. That will all start with the culture we as a team create and thrive in. I'm excited to get started on this new journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our city and its fans."

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One trend in the article linked above, that fans under 40 should notice, is that 3 of the last six coaches have been shown the door with a winning record. As lame as the organization has seemed at movement over the last 20 years...look at the 20 before that. 

Also of note, over the last 24 years or so, of those coaches who have made a playoff appearance, only Mike Smith has a losing record in the post season. The reason I think that is important is that it shows that the team has the talent in place to compete once it makes the playoffs. I think that is a result of it being easier for the organization to attract talent than it was under previous owners. 

Nobody thinks AB is perfect. However, he clearly has high expectations for this franchise. Mediocrity is not as appealing to him as appears to have been for previous owners. 

I'm not a huge AS supporter nor do I loathe his appointment. AB has only picked one total slouch at HC in his time here in Atlanta, and McKay routinely takes the blame for that hire. Based on that, the worst possible case is that AS will be blatantly okay. In all, considering the entire context of Falcons history, that isn't a bad starting point. 

Here's hoping he's the one!

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I would guess any type of news conference would be on Monday.   Who knows how it will be done in this COVID world.

Generally, you don’t want to do your introduction news conference on the same day games are being played and this broke on Friday afternoon - which is typically when bad news is dumped into the news cycle - not good news.

Also, by waiting until Monday or Tuesday, you increase chances Terry Fontenot can be there as well if the Saints can do us a favor - and lose.

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