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Now we got Smith, Falcons O-Line becomes priority in the draft.

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How about we let a competent OC who doesn’t require 777 step drops for his ridiculously long routes to develop come in and fix what we have. That line has 3/5 1st round picks with a fresh 3rd rounder

I don’t think it’s nearly as drastic as you do. We have some good pieces there, and I think Smiths offense in Tenn proved that the OL’s success depends more on how well they work together as a unit, r

Matt Ryan played small forward in high school. Maybe the Hawks can work him in and let Bogey sit a few minutes. 

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Jake played RT at A&M...would still be a learning curve to move him back there, but he has done it...I hear moving sides is a big change to overcome muscle memory for movement, etc.

If we drafted Sewell I would try and trade Jake personally... I am okay w McGary at RT and think he will look better next year. We could use the draft capital. As a pre 6/1 trade we save $1.3M in cap space, post 6/1 would save $13M

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5 hours ago, PointSwayzee said:

Not to be a D or anything like that, but I used to be the Drafttek Falcons guy so take that into consideration when you see posts like this from the all knowing Damond Talbot.

This goes back probably 13-15 years ago, but my competency was that of a very well educated Falcon fan, and that is about it. Point is, I was one of these dudes you quoted and knew about as much as your better fans. Meaning this guy know about as much as you do!

Oh...ok...well then...never mind everybody...I quoted some schmuck who knows as much as I do about Deonte Brown...my faux pas...nothing to see here - next topic (and no quotes puhleez)


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15 hours ago, 408Falcon said:

This has to be the furthest statement from the truth. Especially the later statement. Those are the two staples that can keep you competitive the next few years if you address a garbage defense and run game.

7-9 or 8-8 is competitive and will put the franchise back two or three years so that you can watch your two heros get old

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:31 AM, etherdome said:

Matthews is good, although he is expensive.  Gono is a good RT and Mac is getting better.

Lindstrom is developing into one of the better RG's in the league and Hennessey has learned under one of the best Centers of this era.  

Right now, all we need is a good LG.  Fortunately, this draft features a few that fit.

Bottom line:  Despite crying for better OL's for over a decade, I don't think we need to draft Sewell at all.  

I think this is basically what the previous regime thought of our O-Line.  We have a new sheriff in town and I imagine there will be some casualties just like with any regime change.  I thought Asamoah and Blalock were good building blocks but Shanahan and Quinns staff had other ideas when they took over.  If Sewell is the pick dont be surprised.  At the least we have options should McGary continue to struggle with speed or Henny doesn't make as smooth of a transition as we hope.  

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:37 AM, Refried Beans said:

I am confused on how you can make that statement with the numbers I just poster.  Our QB was sacked 41 times last year, that is almost three times a game and we average 3.7 YPC which was 2nd worst in the entire NFL. Nothing about those numbers supports the current group of o-linemen on staff. i dont know if a "scheme" change will make that big a difference. Our Center and Left Tackle are retirees that should have retired a year ago. I hope you are right about McGarity and Lindstorm but these numbers just dont support it. 

I agree it needs a couple of pieces - L OG maybe OC. But those are just maintenance. You're attributing those numbers to the OL. I attribute them to Koetter's system that puts insane stress on the OL. He doesn't commit to the run and forces the QB to hold onto the ball. It's awful.

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