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Arthur Smith chose unlikely profession. Now he must deliver for Falcons - The Athletic

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48 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

Ok ole Pal - forget about the old times. We’ve moved on. TD was 10Xs better than the Smith family  He was okay mostly because of who? You got three guesses and your first two are wrong. Bingo - Matt Ryan carried TD, HCs, AB, the defense and the whole freaking city of Atl pretty much for 13 flipping years. 
Okay I 100% totally agree TD was the best GM we ever had. But some folks want more from owner GM HC positions coaches scouts etc.....

We did not get there with spiky hair...sorry

We haven’t got there with any GM and what’s your point.

With TD we’ve had a chance 3 times to win this thing we went to the NFCCG 3 times and won once.

See I find your argument of wanting more as a contradiction as above he’s got us into position 3 times was it really his fault they lost.

You think coaching hasn’t killed us over the years.

Coaching over talent everyday of the week.

We didn’t lose the SB because of lack of talent we lost because we were out coached and the mentioned didn’t have enough guile to turn the momentum.

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1 minute ago, marvinthemartian said:

LOL great movie. Surprised it took this long for someone else to realize that Chip isn’t dead LOL 

Drove my girls crazy with that movie. I pretty much had it memorized. They thought I was nuts. (I am) Now THEY know most of the good parts themselves! ( late 20's now)  LOL

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