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What To Expect From Smith’s Offense

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Well done videos breaking by down the zone read and play action over the past two years. 

opinion: Ryan will thrive in this system. (Or new QB 🤪)  We will also need a really good RB too.   

will be interesting to see who the new OC will be. The Titans o line is tough  we will need excellent OG/C play in this scheme. TEs will need to block and catch. Hurst will thrive. 

take it all in pals. Thoughts? 


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5 minutes ago, RYNE said:

That’s what I said 

I think we should trade spots with the 49ers, pick up an extra 1st/3rd next season and an extra 2nd/3rd this season. Draft Surtain. Then trade back into the 1st round with the extra seconds (and maybe Hayden Hurst) with the Jaguars and select Harris. Final outcome:



Two 2012 3rds

Two 2022 1sts/3rds



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Just now, Thelonious Mingus said:

Ryan is a shell of himself. I hope he proves me wrong. This is not 2016. Fields/Wilson/Lance would be unstoppable in this offense though. I'm starting to like this Smitty deal even more once we get a capable big back. Our O Line problems are gone with his schemes.

Why would they be unstoppable?

His offense with Mariota was blah 


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1 hour ago, RYNE said:

I said it 3 weeks ago at least. Najee Harris needs to be the second pick of the Falcons. They need to move back up into the first and get him 

Harris has been my favorite since last year, but there are other RB's that will fit in very well.  

Let's not obsess over a name and hope that the Falcons can have a great draft 1-7

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