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I thought Terry Fontenont was paired with Nathaniel Hackett?

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53 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

Yeah, just yesterday they were all saying Smith is the likely target.  I'm not sure who their 2nd choice would be, but if he's the guy, he'll be hired by the weekend I'd wager.

If he isn't, we're waiting on someone.  

I refuse to believe they're going to hire Doogie Howser to be the HC of this football team.

wasn't doogie howser a child prodigy genius though???


I'd be ok with that if it means winning again

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50 minutes ago, TheHeartless said:

He didn't definitely didn't stink with the panthers, they exceeded what you would have expected with that offense if anything and with CMC being injured. He's the 5th guy in the SB era to have 4 players have 1000+ scrimmage yards, not an easy accomplishment by any means.

ok with the low number of posts, I'm going out on a limb and say you probably don't know and realize how unwanted common sense, facts and logic are around here, so we'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time

 #amiright  @Vandy @JDaveG



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3 hours ago, Jesus said:

They won't get another interview with Hackett until the Packers play. They could have offered him the job and it hasn't been announced because they are still playing, like Shanahan getting the SF job but it wasn't announced until the super bowl. I just want them to get their guy. If it's Smith hire him. If it's Hackett wait and hire him. Don't let anyone else take them.


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If Smith is the guy I think they could have easily pressed him for the job.

I think the news about us having him as the leading candidate came from the agent personally. Just the timing of the news seemed off to me. First it leaked he interviewed the day before, then it came out that he was our leading candidate and oh by the way he's on his way to visit the Jets. All came out on the same day.

It's possible we really do want him and the agent is just trying to create a sense of urgency for the team he really wants to go to.

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5 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

I want Hackett, but I’m slowly liking Joe Brady the more I dig deep into researching what he’s about.

I’d be moderately jealous though.  31 years old as an NFL HC...

I picked the wrong major. 

I really think its a chance for us to get our Sean Payton and dominate or be competitive in the south for YEARS. If he doesnt work out in 2 or 3 years we are at the point of rebuild anyway with Ryan and Julio contracts. 

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9 hours ago, pa_falcon_fan said:

I agree.  Of the folks we've been interviewing, I'm the least impressed with Brady.  I'd rather have Smith or Hackett.  

Yeah.  I agree.  I love what Smith has done in tennesse but he wouldn’t have a man beast like Henry here.  However, I’m very intrigued by hacketts background and WCO platform.  I just don’t know very much about Brady. Lotta hype though!  

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