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Who do you predict will be the Falcons new GM and head coach?

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28 minutes ago, booty-mane said:

Either Fontenot/Brady or Holmes/Hackett. Fontenot/Brady becayse of their Saints connection. Holmes/Hackett because of their WCO roots. Hackett/Holmes understand the McVay/Shanahan/LaFleur offense/philosophy. I see more of a connection there. As for the coaching stuff, no clue. Too many possibilities here



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2 minutes ago, booty-mane said:

this is a really good read: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/10/01/blake-bortles-nathaniel-hackett-jacksonville-jaguars-offensive-system 

What he did with Bortles is short of a miracle. But it goes to show that even with a ****ty QB, he can ace. But with a star QB, he's unstoppable. I think he can do wonders with Ryan/Ridley/Julio.

I think Hackett plays a big part in Packer's game design and execution. I really hope its Holmes/Hackett. We will then have a GM/HC that have a similar offensive vision/philosophy who can be complementary to each other. 

Oh yeah that would be sweet

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14 minutes ago, pa_falcon_fan said:

I've been back and forth on a bunch of different combinations but I think I'm pretty settled on Holmes/Hackett for GM/HC.  I've cooled on EB as coach with what seems like a lot of mixed messages about he and his intent.  Not a fan of Arthur Smith or Joe Brady as HC.  Rick Smith seems to be good with early and late/undrafted guys but doesn't seem to hit much better than TD in between.  I wouldn't mind Fontenot as GM either but do worry about him mostly being on the pro side and not the draft side of things. 

Hopefully Arthur and Mckay do the research necessary

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3 minutes ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

I know it's hindsight, but run the ball, and kick the FG! 🤪

Yeap, we really should get The very best powerful RB we can get.. one of the few needs we have .. Brian Hill is a good back up but we need one of the top RBs in this RB loaded draft.. A game changer RB.. And adding a couple of OL in this draft.. a lot of what I think will be great players..  Powerful OL, from the SEC.  

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I want Holmes/Hackett but I think it will be Fontenot/Hackett. OC there have been a lot of good mentions. Whomever Hackett brings with him.

I just don't think Brady gets a shot yet as HC, but I wouldn't be mad initially. Have to see what he does in the role first.

I wonder how telling it is that Fontenot and Holmes did a second interview and Smith didn't when he's unemployed. If we were really set on Smith, I think he'd already be the GM.

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7 minutes ago, Zeke_iBuyiSellHomes said:

What about this scenario. Just for kicks and giggles

Rick Smith EVP of Football Ops- Eventually Replacement for McKay when he retires 

Fontenot- GM

Joe Brady -Head Coach

Yeah add possibly Holmes and Brady

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1 hour ago, JDaveG said:


It looks like the rules for GM are the same as for a HC:

By league rule, all interviews have been conducted virtually so far. That changes Monday, when any head coach or GM candidate whose team is out of the playoffs or is not currently employed by an NFL team is permitted to interview in-person, subject to new COVID-19 rules on masks, social distancing, etc. Head coach and GM candidates whose teams are still playing are subject to the usual restrictions regarding timing for first interviews.


thanks for the info JDG.

seems weird that they don't differentiate between the HC candidates and GM candidates since GM has almost no real role to do w/ game preparation for playoffs.

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I actually went to high school with Roof.  He and I were seniors and his little brother was a freshman.

Ted was a cool, levelheaded humble dude, especially for the greatest jock in the county...you dont often see that;  but his younger bro was a snotty little prick.  He was about 5' 2" and 120 soaking wet.



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5 hours ago, JDaveG said:

For what it's worth, I snooped over at Saints Report at lunch, and their take is Fontenot would be a good GM (but they say Ireland is the real brains behind the operation), but Brady would be a terrible HC.

They vacillate between Fontenot being a really solid guy and thinking he'd make the most boneheaded move ever (per them) in hiring Brady.

So all in all, not much to see there.  Fanboys being fanboys.

so basically you're saying someone could just go browse the titles of threads here and randomly click, maybe even with their eyes closed, and read about the same things?

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