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Holmes got a second interview

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Rams pick well in the lower rounds especially given that they have not had a first round pick since Golf. It speaks well of their college scouting. 

I gotta be honest, I’m slowly sliding away from Fontenot just because of the Joe Brady connection that’s being thrown around.  Holmes could be a solid choice, but a GM has to know more than college sc

Fontenot is also paired to Hackett

2 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

I know, but the Fontenot-Brady connection is what’s being widely reported at this point.  If it’s Fontenot-Hackett then sign me up.

I'm cool with either fresh eyes and not necessarily a rinse and repeat offense. But a true Vision. These are my top two choices.

Hackett/Brady/EB choices for HC.

Fontenot/Smith/Holmes choices for GM

 UlBrich/Phillips/Weaver choices for DC

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1 hour ago, Fernando C. said:

He should be the one... rams draft have gotten better and better.. they always find talent.. he is in charge of COLLEGE scouting.. not like the saints guys is PRO... si get him now...

 That's kind of how I feel too. While talent is talent being able to recognise it at the collegiate level is far more beneficial to me because those guys you scouted in college will be in the NFL.


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