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7 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

If Mac Jones was on a team with less talent than Alabama he'd look pretty mediocre IMO, maybe even worse. He's just another one of those generic Bama QB's who isn't gonna have a NFL career at all (with the exception of Tua possibly). The best Mac Jones could be is a backup like AJ McCarron. Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence with Bama's talent would look just as good or even a lot better. I said it before, but in the national championship game, if you switched Mac Jones and Justin Fields, Bama still wins by the same margin or worse. Imagine Justin Fields behind Bama's O-line combined with Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith. Or even Trevor Lawrence (it be like 2018 Trevor in the national title again). 

Well said

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Good. Let him fall out of #2.

I was wondering why we didn't have a thread on him this week.

Don’t kid yourself, Alabama’s defense is just good. Not great 

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