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Najee Harris

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1 minute ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

He’s a good offensive coach. Especially when he’s running his offense and not forced to run Shanny’s. Even then Ryan had his second best year under Sark. Got scapegoated.

Yea, I think Quinn trying to pigeon hole him into running Shanny's scheme ultimately cost Quinn his job.

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5 minutes ago, Flyin' In DC said:

With how he has played this year realistically how far down could you go to get him? With the way Henry, Cook, Chubb have emerged the last 2 years

Who knows? RB is still so devalued it’s hard to predict. There were two projected first round guys that both went into the second last year while a guy projected to go late second or even the third round got picked at the end of the first. 

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Just now, Foo Falcons said:

Give Sark another year+ an he potentially is a hot name this off-season for real. Quinn used him as a scapegoat and its a shame. This coming from an Alabama hater. Dude obviously knows what he's doing

No doubt he learned in Atlanta.

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