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4th Overall Pick: Great Spot For Falcons

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Just now, stizz said:

That would probably only be one season of that with Ridley and Gage contracts coming and Julio aging, but it would be exciting and certainly be drafting BPA instead of need like we usually do.

He's just such a game changer.  I know we have so many more positions of need, but that would be one last ultimate weapon for Matt Ryan if we decide to stay with him for a few more years.

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The best thing about TD no longer being here is knowing with absolute certainty that we aren't going to trade up to #3 to draft a WR.  I would love a trade down. 

If Wilson were Mahomes or Rodgers, he’d been going #1 overall

If Mahomes was Mahomes he would have gone #1.

And one other thing to remember is ,, we could trade down a couple of times  in the latter rounds and gather all the players we need to fill the holes on this team.. After the first rd where we need to get a Back up QB who also could be the future starter at any given time.

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15 minutes ago, stizz said:

The thing about it is Devonta Smith is as close to sure thing there is in this draft that isn't a QB. We also don't know what the plans are with Julio. 

This draft doesn't have that much talent and is very top heavy. Gotta take advantage of a top 5 pick, whether it be a QB or whatever. 

Now I don't even remember how good Chase looked.  Is he considered to be even better than Smith??  

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1 hour ago, booty-mane said:

Yes. There are too many holes for us to fill to just take a QB with this pick. Double down on strengths and shore up the weaknesses. On a separate note, why can't I create a new post? Is there a specific level I need to reach? After years of lurking, I finally decided to create an account last week

why do people keep saying that like we dont have multiple picks whats wrong with picking a qb then picking harris then spending the rest on defense we not fixing the defense in one off season

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27 minutes ago, Draftnut57 said:

WE don't have a backup QB,, WE could get a great backup with #4, who could also be our next starter with a Hybird QB who can pass and run.. WE have got to get a back up QB anyway.. Why not take advantage of the #4 pick and not only get a back up,, but a future Great Starter when ever Ryan does step down.. or even if he had to sit out for any reason.. It's just a smart thing IMO.. And only have to use one pick for a Future star at QB, It's just the smart thing to do.. 

If you insert pick 20 and beyond in that post, it makes sense. You absolutely can’t take a pick-and-stash bag of magic beans at 4 and have anybody on that team, or most fans, believe you are serious about winning games. 

They expect an immediate starter to help make this team a winner and playoff team in 2021, not down the road. It’s fantasy to pretend that it’s okay to torpedo the morale of the players and paying public. 

It’ll never happen, IMO. Either they tear it down immediately, and purge every available contract between now and training camp, or they roll with Ryan and Jones and try to build a winner for the next couple of years. 

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29 minutes ago, Mescalito said:

Packers moved up 4 spots to take Love last year.  They have the number 1 seed in the playoffs this year.

How many times does this have to be said? Love was taken WITH THE 26th PICK, basically the same value as a high 2. 

They wouldn’t have given drafting a QB a nanosecond of thought if they’d been sitting at 4. It would’ve been an impact player, or a trade down to rob some other team of draft picks. 

If you want to talk taking a QB round 2 and beyond, sure. Jamie Newman would be a great developmental guy you could get in round 3. He has exactly the same skill set as Love. 

But 4? It’s insanity. 

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3 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

How many times does this have to be said? Love was taken WITH THE 26th PICK, basically the same value as a high 2. 

They wouldn’t have given drafting a QB a nanosecond of thought if they’d been sitting at 4. It would’ve been an impact player, or a trade down to rob some other team of draft picks. 

If you want to talk taking a QB round 2 and beyond, sure. Jamie Newman would be a great developmental guy you could get in round 3. He has exactly the same skill set as Love. 

But 4? It’s insanity. 

I know it's not the same, but I don't think it means you're giving up on next season if you go that route.  That's all I'm saying.

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1 hour ago, Mescalito said:

Now I don't even remember how good Chase looked.  Is he considered to be even better than Smith??  

The thing about sitting out a year is rust. We have no idea if he's in the same shape, hasn't been watching film, working on his footwork etc. Smith is really the biggest beneficiary of him sitting because his stock his skyrocketed past him.

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3 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

If Wilson were Mahomes or Rodgers, he’d been going #1 overall

If Mahomes was Mahomes when he came out, he would've gone  #1. Problem is you don't know who they'll turn out to be. And projecting is the most inexact science in sports. 

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All the posters complaining we haven't been able to compete because we've blown all our money on QB want to spend a our first on a QB. Smart thing to do is trade down amass a bunch of picks and build a terrific core that either Ryan, who is still capable, or whatever young QB we draft in later rounds this year or the next can come in and have success with. Tying 50 million plus of cap at QB for the next two years isn't smart. 

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18 minutes ago, Dirtybird56 said:

I can’t lie the two games I watched of Wilson left me intrigued.. unlike the 4 games of Fields I watched 

too lazy to watch more Wilson til we get closer to the draft but felt like there could be something there

Zach is nasty good, and doesnt have anywhere near the talent that Mac Jones or Justin Fields has surrounding him.

Like a certain QB from Boston College, once upon a time.

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14 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

I think if they drew comparisons to the very best in the league they would have 

Mahomes drew the Favre comp quite regularly coming out.


Arod was a potential #1 pick but was done wrong the two weeks prior to the draft with these stupid comments

What NFL scouts told the Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn before the draft about quarterback Aaron Rodgers:

Marc Ross, Buffalo: "He's a little short. The thing you worry about is those (Jeff) Tedford guys. They don't do anything for a couple years and then they have a good year or two. Who of his quarterbacks has done what they're supposed to do? None of them. Is he just working magic with great college quarterbacks or just manufacturing guys?"

AFC scout: "I like him. He's a very talented guy. A lot of quarterbacks that were system people have not done very well. That puts up a red flag. Not that he is one of them. He could be an exception. But I can't get it out of my craw."

Rich Snead, Tennessee: "I like him. I just don't know if he's maxed out. He's more accurate than (Kyle) Boller but probably not as athletic. He's a better player than Akili Smith. He's more athletic than (Trent) Dilfer was. He's a little more mobile than Joey Harrington. He had to go to a JC because no one would recruit him because they said he was too small. He's been busting his (expletive) his whole life to get to this point. I just don't know how much more he has to give."

NFC scout: "(Alex) Smith is the better athlete."

AFC scout: "I think he has some upside although there are some things that are just ordinary about him."

Jerry Angelo, Chicago: "I'd give Rodgers the edge (over Smith) just because he was easier to evaluate. And there's a little more arm. But the edge is negligible."

NFC scout: "I think he has a good chance of being a bust. Just like every other Tedford-coached quarterback. Thing I struggle with him is he gets sacked a lot. He doesn't have great ability to change the release of the football. He's mechanically very rigid. Brett Favre can change his release point and find different windows. There will be more growing pains with Alex Smith but in the end he has a much better chance to be much better."

NFC scout: "The guys that Tedford has had, what have they developed into? They're too well-schooled. So mechanical. So robotic. I don't know if they become good pro players. I think Rodgers is in that same mold."

AFC scout: "I don't like him. He's a clone of Harrington and Boller. They all throw the same way. What have those guys done? Nothing. If you take him in the second round, fine. Heady guy. They do a marvelous job of coaching quarterbacks there. I don't think he's as good as the top quarterbacks coming out last year."

AFC scout: "I don't think he's in the class of the quarterbacks that came out last year. Strong arm. Pretty good athlete. Still has some holes in his game."

Bill Polian, Indianapolis: "I see a guy who has good arm strength. I see some athletic ability. I see a guy who was pretty good with a good team. I see a guy who's in a pretty efficient offense. Am I certain that he's going to come in and lead my team to the Promised Land? I can't say that. I'm not even sure I can say that about Alex Smith."

AFC scout: "He's a system quarterback. 3-, 5-, 7-step guy. Can't create on his own. Panics under pressure. Gets flustered easy. I don't think there's a quarterback in the draft worthy of a first-round pick. I'm dead serious. None of them are worth it."

NFC scout: "He fit right into the Cal system. He probably executed that as well as anybody. He doesn't have as strong an arm as Boller but can make the same reads and play the scheme as well as Boller did.

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14 hours ago, Falconsailorman said:

Take a look at this scouting report just out at Walterfootball.com.

Zach Wilson Scouting Report
By Charlie Campbell



  • Powerful right arm
  • Can make all the throws in the NFL
  • Pushes the ball downfield
  • Accurate passer
  • Can throw a hard fastball into tight windows
  • Good deep-ball accuracy
  • Throws a pretty deep ball
  • Makes big throws off platform
  • Able to loft in touch passes
  • Throws a catchable ball
  • Stands tall in the pocket
  • Moves his eyes
  • Works through his progression
  • Can throw receivers open
  • Doesn't miss open receivers
  • Shows good timing
  • Anticipation
  • Good athlete
  • Dangerous runner
  • Can buy time with his feet
  • Can hurt defenses on the ground
  • Quickness and burst as a runner
  • Quick feet
  • Shifty runner in the open field
  • Wise to avoid hits as a senior
  • Intelligent
  • Good recall
  • Confident
  • Competitor
  • Brings energy to his team
  • Upside



  • Aspects of poor football character
  • One-year wonder
  • Lean build; could stand to add weight
  • Lacks experience against elite competition
  • Should get quicker working through progressions
  • Accuracy suffers under pressure

  • Summary: Entering his senior year, I wrote that Wilson had flashed some talent as a sophomore and junior, but in 2020, he needed to transcend from being a game manager into play-maker and point producer. Wilson completed 66 percent of his passes in 2018 for 1,578 yards with 12 touchdowns and three interceptions. The following season, he completed 62 percent off his passes for 2,382 yards with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

    Wilson hit the nail on the head in terms of taking his game to another level in 2020, helping the Cougars dominate an extremely weak schedule while completing 74 percent of his passes for 3,692 yards with 33 touchdowns and three interceptions. Wilson crushed just about every opponent with the exception of losing to Coastal Carolina. Wilson could have returned to BYU for 2021, but decided to enter the 2021 NFL Draft.

    Wilson has the skill set to be a good starting quarterback in the NFL. He has a strong arm capable of making all the throws and good deep-ball accuracy. Wilson shows the ability to fire strikes in the short to intermediate part of the field and good ball placement to lead his receivers for more yards. There is no doubt that Wilson can really spin it, with the velocity of his throws letting him fit the ball into tight windows. He shows the ability to work off his primary read in the pocket and does not panic when his first read is covered. His timing, anticipation, accuracy, and field vision are on point to be an effective pocket passer.

    Wilson is a natural passer who can put air underneath the ball and loft in beautiful touch passes downfield. His ball placement is advanced, and he throws a very catchable ball without unnecessary velocity despite his powerful arm. Many college quarterbacks who have similar arm strength fire too many fastballs, leading to drops and deflections, but Wilson does an excellent job of easing off and throwing the ball with the needed velocity for the completion. When needed, he can rifle a laser past defenders into tight windows. Wilson should fit any offense as a pro.

    Wilson possesses special mobility and athleticism. He is a dangerous runner with excellent balance and agility to dodge pass rushers in the pocket. Thanks to his feet and mobility, Wilson is able to extend plays, and he has the arm strength to make big throws off platform. Wilson is a threat to pick up yards on the ground as well thanks to some shiftiness in the open field. Wilson brings a backyard baller's style of play who brings energy to his team.

    Like all players going into the NFL, there aspects for Wilson to work on. Speeding up his reading of defenses and working through his progressions faster will help him. BYU had a good offensive line, and he had wide open receivers against weak competition, so working faster is going to be a necessity for him. Wilson also can have a tendency to let some passes sail high when pressured. He also will make some throws back across the field that he could get away with in college, but he will have to be more selective about doing that as a pro passer.


    In speaking to a director of college scouting from a NFC team that is in the market for a new quarterback, they outlined the makeup concerns with Wilson:

    "Johnny Manziel comp without the [drugs]. [Wilson] is fun to watch, but is he a 1-year flash in the pan? He's a backyard baller who is fun to watch.

    "Someone will grab him in the first. I doubt he gets to the second, because once the third quarterback goes after Lawrence and Fields, there will be a run on them. [Wilson] has character concern, rich kid who is an entitled brat -uncle owns Jet Blue -, parents are a pain, not a leader, selfish, and he's a know-it-all.

    "His positives are that he's super competitive, not to get [sic] scared and won't back down, extremely confident, very smart with keen recall and teammates will play for him."

    That college director outlined the makeup of Wilson well with the good and the bad, but that NFL team is very strict on football character, so perhaps that plays into them having Wilson as the fourth quarterback. Given that Wilson is confident, intelligent, and has good recall, one can expect he will interview well with teams during the leadup to the 2021 NFL Draft. In those short sessions, those qualities will come across, so many coaches will probably like Wilson.

    In speaking to a director of college scouting from another team, they said this regarding Wilson in the first round:

    "He's going to go high. He may rise to the second quarterback in the draft. I think he's a second-rounder, but I just feel the quarterback spot is different than others and the round is just a starting point. The postseason process changes a lot. He is as talented as the rest, minus Lawrence."

    Given his skill set and ability to interview well, Wilson should continue to rise throughout the leadup to the 2021 NFL Draft. He could be the second quarterback selected and will be some team's franchise quarterback to build around. Wilson has the skill set and ability to be a solid starter in the NFL.


    Player Comparison: Drew Lock. Some team sources have said that Wilson is a better version of Drew Lock, but they have very similar skill sets with arm strength, mobility, and a gunslinger style of play.


Does this raise a few red flags. For me comes down to how coachable is this kid. Does he want to learn or is he a know it all and bull headed. How much film study andxdedication does he have. The great Qbs have the work ethic and study film relentlessly. Alot of college QBs have that special talent but few a whoever greatness. Will We ilson be great? It's rare to find a Qb with no holes in his game. Fields and Wilson do but can they overcome them to be great. 

There will be some defensive players that will rise up the board. Falcons need impact players who will be special. 

Tough to take seriously when they don’t know he is a junior, not a senior.  Adam Scheffter already dispelled the poor character nonsense 

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14 hours ago, PokerSteve said:

Sounds like about as strong of an endorsement of Wilson's potential as you could get coming out of college. If he has personality issues that does complicate the situation, but the scout says players will play hard for him, so I don't see how his personality is a deal-breaker. He's the prototypical QB of today and the immediate future. The Falcons could do much worse than grabbing him at #4.

Yes sir.  I’ll  give lots of credence to a HOF QB’s evaluation of Wilson.  Here is Steve Young

San Francisco’s VP of Player Personnel Adam Peters was in Boise to watch Wilson go to work in a 51-17 win over Boise State. Young was asked on the show, could he run San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense if the Niners selected him?

“There’s no question that he’s capable. The more they ask of him, the better he gets,” said Young. “…So he has the grit. He’s a kid that Friday practice would end at noon during COVID, and then he’d get in a car drive down to get that special tutoring from John Beck in San Diego. He’d drive down every week and come back on Sunday night for like, six, seven, eight weeks. He’s super serious about it.

“I think he’s gonna go in the first round. He’s the kind of kid the more you watch him, you go, ‘Wait a second. Why is he not, maybe the first guy (taken in the draft)? Like I get, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are phenomenal football players but the more I watch this kid, I don’t see flaws. I don’t see problems.”

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1 minute ago, PokerSteve said:

Yeah, Smith looks to be kinda brittle for the pros, but he has the speed and talent. Dolphins will likely take him for Tua and probably get him to bulk up about 10 or 15 lbs.

Yeah, not sold on Smith being great in the NFL.  He will be good, but I would not touch him top 10.

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