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Thinking about FS....


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I think Oliver could be a good fit at FS. Ulbrich implemented a hybrid role and he excelled in those new wrinkles. He has the prototypical size and speed for the position. He is still young and is one good coach from putting it all together I think We could trade down 4-5 spots and be in play for Farley or Surtain while getting at least a 2nd and 3rd round pick. If we were to get Surtain int the 1st and a guy like Eric Stokes in the 3rd we could truly get the secondary together.





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He doesn't strike me as the type of corner who would do well at safety. He's long and rangy but struggles with short area quickness and awareness. He's much more suited to playing boundary corner in my opinion. 

Kendall Sheffield might be a good candidate though - he's always struggled when his head is turned away from the QB and is far better when the ball is in front of him. 

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10 hours ago, Herr Doktor said:

I am a big believer that a certain amount of cross training is good.  But, I'm a bigger fan of having players drafted to play a natural position.  Teams get cute with selecting raw athletes, and then try to coach them up.  The failure rate is high.

Yes I'm sick of cross training. Draft a true safety Holland,Ford ,Cisco Lecounte

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