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NFL Wildcard Weekend Thread

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2 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

Mmm, double bacon cheeseburger w lettuce tomato mushrooms mustard and ketchup. It may be $10 but it’s like a pound sandwich. Man, I want one now.

I never understood why people like 1 really thick patty over a double patty burger.


those thick-*** hamburger patties are ******* disgusting. Give me more seared and seasoned surface area.

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1 minute ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

Titans defense is still dog$hit. Ravens offense can be stopped. They aren’t doing anything spectacular other than Jackson’s runs. 

Lol it's not about doing the spectacular. It's about slowly but surely breaking down a defense. That's how Brady and Brees keep winning games.

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1 minute ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Well I would expect everyone would know chain restaurants to begin with already lol. 

True, but even those can be regional. Up in PA we just got 5 guys (but I used to eat there in Baltimore) and we don’t have smash or shake shack or way back...good thing I travel for work and can experience the finer things in greasy fast food burgers. 😂 

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