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NFL Wildcard Weekend Thread

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This game is gonna be a flat out brawl. Love the intensity. But I do not thinkit bodes well for the Titans to keep throwing the deep ball on third and medium. Caught the second one but it was covered very well. Titans have to stay on track onearly downs.

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Smith is the guy. Knows how to take advantage of a defense. Would love to see him come here and get our run game going.

Dont necessarily want to see a 50/50 split but probably a 55(pass)/45%(run) split.

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Came in here to post that Arthur Smith's offense is moving the ball, designing horizontal plays, bootlegging, PA without an effective rungame (which is a common notion around here, you just have to have the threat of a running game), quick throws. Literally the exact opposite of Koetter so far and the opposite of what Matt and the offense is good at.

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