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NFL Wildcard Weekend Thread

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Just now, Francis York Morgan said:

I think the Rams have a really good shot tbh. That defense is nasty. Their DC (Brandon Staley) has grown on me a lot too.

Man, Tremaine Edmunds for the Bills is a baller.

I agree. I just don't trust their offense. While Seattle doesn't have the best defense, I think they can compete with the Rams offense. 

I'm ready to see this Allen/Diggs connection

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3 minutes ago, PuppyMonster said:

lol, I'm sure this entire board was like danggg. He looks great. Definitely makes you want someone like that (Fields?). Crazy that he was sub-60% completion the last 2 years. Almost flamed out. 

He was sub 50% in college I think. Dude was drafted all on his physical abilities and bravado coming out. To be fair, most guys who play like him in college don’t make it...but he is a bad man

edit: sorry, he was 56%. Just knew it was criticized 

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2 minutes ago, OrthoPTSD said:

Somebody said in a different thread that Trask comparison is to Allen. 

Really  have to wonder if they have ever seen either play

I have seen the Big Ben comparison, but Allen is nothing like Trask in college, other than being big and white.

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